Our Custom Framework that has gotten our students into their dream schools, with a 100% Admission Rate.

Admissions Strategy

The Uncommon Path Framework

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You don’t see yourself and your dreams reflected in traditional academia.

You worry about making a wrong choice that will impact your timeline and finances.

You’re having trouble finding a school that matches your desired campus environment and culture.

You’re looking for a specific academic program with your niche passions and interests.

You have goals but struggle with deciding your academic and career paths.

If this is you, it’s time to embrace Your Uncommon Path.

Imagine yourself at your dream school, knowing you made the right decision. You’re going to classes that inspire, learning from the best educators, and moving in the direction of a career that you’re passionate about.


Goal Alignment & Confidence Building
Family Integration Support
School Selection
Application Support
Essay Editing
Leadership Development
Current and Summer Course Guidance

Your custom admission strategy includes:

  1. Student fills out the Client Intake Application.
  2. We book a Discovery Call with our Student to make sure both parties are a perfect fit.
  3. We create the Student’s Personalized Success Plan.
  4. Design and implement a Student Portal with our success plan and student resources.
  5. Our Student awaits their acceptance.
  6. We celebrate our Student with the Uncommon Path Life Planner to continue their endeavors.

Our step-by-step guide for a successful experience for both Students and their supporters.

What Our Process
Looks Like

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Timeline: A minimum of three months before application deadline.

Investment: Starting at $1ok

Embrace the power of your uniqueness and let's celebrate it together!

if you don't fit into the box of traditional academia and have big dreams, you deserve an academic experience that you can be proud of.


about me

Tiffani is an Academic Advocate for students who are on an “Uncommon Path” to their educational dreams. She’s helped multi-passionate students worldwide create an ultimate path to their career. Tiffani believes that a student’s journey is a yes AND, not an either or. 

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